Thursday, July 2, 2009

What we will blog (Intro final part)

What We Will Be Blogging

Here on this blog, we will report what is happening on Capitol Hill with the Act (e.g., is it coming up for a hearing? are there any new co-sponsors?), and what is happening on Facebook where we have two groups, an Internet Captioning Group and a Cause, Caption Action 2. The reason for having two groups is that the Cause will allow us to do fundraising eventually to support the Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology (COAT)'s efforts to get the Act passed. COAT is not a nonprofit organization, so we are working with the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), a COAT organization, about setting up fundraising via the Caption Action 2 Cause.

This blog will also allow us to do things that are difficult to do on Facebook. For example, we will be tracking who posts about the 21st Century Act on Twitter, via a regularly updated post. We will also use this blog to report on efforts to target broadcasters that do not caption online, such as Disney Online. Plus, through the blog we hope to increase awareness of broadcasters that DO caption online.

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