Saturday, December 20, 2014

Now Petitioning Smosh!

Caption Action 2 has launched a petition demanding that Smosh closed caption. We've tried everything else to get Smosh's attention, including old-fashioned email. How do you get the attention of a YouTube channel with 19 million subscribers, 2.6 million followers on Twitter, and 6 million likes on Facebook? Start a petition!

(Wondering what the big deal is? Volunteers have captioned a total of 40 Smosh videos so you can get a taste of it at We have been watching,  and these videos are damn funny! It is not hard to see why Smosh has grown to 19 million subscribers! But, deaf and hard of hearing people are left out.)

This is historic. We don't think anyone has ever petitioned a YouTube channel before! Will it work? We hope so! But its success depends on people like you!

Note: The screenshot above is an example of nonsensical automatic captioning on Smosh.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Update! There is now a petition to Smosh!

Mark your calendars!

Friday December 19, 2014.

This is when people should  push the YouTube channel Smosh to closed caption, using the hashtag #CaptionSmosh. (You don't have to wait til Friday to start using the hashtag #CaptionSmosh) Smosh is a top YouTube channel with over 19 million subscribers that releases new videos every Friday. Caption Action 2 and others have repeatedly asked Smosh for captions, but got no response. They aren't the only top YouTube channel not captioning - we had to vote on ONE to target, and Smosh got the most votes! We've got to get at least ONE YouTube superstar to caption so other YouTube superstars get the message!

Here's What to Do!

Facebook. Go to their Facebook page and post comments demanding captions, on Smosh posts. Watch the Caption Action 2 facebook group (and join the group!) for reports!

Make a Video: Are you on YouTube? Create a quick, short video blasting Smosh for not captioning. We can then share links to those videos on our own Facebook pages and in Facebook groups.

Blog. If you are a blogger, re-blog this or blog about it!

Discussion boards. If you are active on a deaf-related discussion board, post about this.

Twitter: Tweet @smosh, @smoshian, @smoshanthony to demand captions. Also tweet @defymedia! They own Smosh and have less than 1,000 followers and are more likely to pay attention to your tweet! The hashtag to use on social media is #CaptionSmosh.

Instagram: We need an Instagram volunteer to post screenshots on Instagram of bad automatic captions on Smosh videos. Along with hashtags and comments. Smosh instagram:

Tumblr: We need Tumblr volunteers to post screenshots of bad autocaptioning on Tumblr. Smosh tumblr:

Pinterest: Same thing here.

Google+: ( Ditto.

LinkedIn:  It could work if done within activist/deaf circles.

Reddit: Post in Reddit /r/deaf, /r/transcript, and /r/captionrequest subreddits.

Email: Smosh has two email addresses that would work for this: (for technical problems. lack of captioning certainly qualifies!) and

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Facebook Web Series AND Starz Web Series!

This week, two major events in the web television world: First, Facebook announced it will have the exclusive web series version of Twilight! This was a popular theatrical film series about young vampires. Now it is going to return, as a web-only series only on Facebook!


Will it have edited closed captions?? We can't guarantee it.  The producer is Lionsgate, and while they have a fairly good record on captioning of original web-only productions like Orange is the New Black, they also have a web series, BeFit on YouTube that is not captioned.

There will be five short Twilight films on Facebook next year. Given how high profile this is (it was all over the news today, on sites like Entertainment Weekly) chances are pretty good it will be captioned, but again, there's no guarantee. We have seen plenty of high profile web-exclusive content produced without captions.

(courtesy LionsGate Films / Twilight)

The other major event? A well-known movie/original content channel, Starz, has launched a web series that spoofs the Power Rangers. This show was actually produced by an experienced web series producer (one that does not caption), iThentic.  As you can see, there are no captions. This new series appears on the Starz-owned YouTube channel Union Pool.

Why is that significant? It is significant because it means that more and more, the "traditional" channels like Starz are moving into web television. And they are not thinking about the needs of deaf and hard of hearing people for closed captions.

Update: Shortly after this post went out, we got a tweet from Union Pool saying that they will caption!

Join Caption Action 2!

Help ensure that the new Facebook Twilight Series has captions, and help get Starz to caption its YouTube channel! Join Caption Action 2 on Facebook,