Friday, August 10, 2012

New Blog: Captioned Web TV

As the number of captioned web television programs grows, but remains small relative to the overall amount of web television out there, we realized we have a problem. The problem is that there is no easy way to quickly find all captioned web television programs. And there is no way to quickly find a captioned web television program in your favorite category.

The solution? We have launched a new blog, Captioned Web TV, at On this blog we will be putting the captioned web tv programs and channels we know of and find. Each program or channel is labeled so you can find what you want to see.

Plus, we will be doing something different with this new blog. We are going to authorize selected people to post to the new blog. That way, other people can help add new captioned web television programs also. Contact us by posting a comment if you want to be authorized; include your contact information so we can contact you directly. A Facebook contact is preferred.

This blog is brand-new and we have only just started adding posts. The first category we are working on is Family for family and child friendly web television programs. More categories will be added such as Animation, Comedy, Drama, Gay, Black, Science Fiction, Horror, News, and Sports. We are sorry to have to report that in doing so, we discovered that one such program has several programs have stopped captioning already. Perhaps the exposure from this new blog will help to encourage producers to continue to closed caption their web television programs.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Caption Action 2: August 2012 Newsletter

This is the Caption Action 2 newsletter for August 2012.

Caption Action 2 is taking aim at a specific target: Yahoo! Inc. Why Yahoo? Yahoo has known for years that they needed to update their video player to support closed captioning. However they have not, to date, updated their video player to support closed captioning. Meanwhile, Yahoo has become a source of original video content. The company has a high-profile web series, "Electric City," produced by Tom Hanks.

The Yahoo video site,, has some of the most popular web television programs, such as "Burning Love." (To see original programming on Yahoo, select the top button labeled "Y! Originals." This goes to, with videos in the categories comedy, living, news, sports, finance, and entertainment.

Yahoo also carries video from other sites such as Hulu, embedding the Hulu video player. The problem is Yahoo's own video player does not have an option for displaying closed captions.

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