About Caption Action 2

Caption Action 2 began just before the introduction of HR 3101, the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.  Actually, it began  about 3:00 in the morning on June 25, 2009 when one night, Jamie could not sleep.  At that time, the deaf community was battling Netflix to get the company to put closed captions on their streaming videos. However, the real issue was much bigger than Netflix - the deaf and hard of hearing community needed captions on the Internet.

So early that morning/late that night, Jamie started Caption Action 2. The name was inspired by a comment Robert had made earlier. The two were discussing the need for internet captioning, and Jamie recalled her much earlier experience in the late  '80s with Caption Action, a movement to get captions on home video.  Robert remarked, "Now it's Caption Action 2!"  So that was the name of the new Facebook cause, Caption Action 2.

Despite progress being made in internet captioning, there is still so much more television on line that is not closed captioned.   Caption Action 2 is here to stay, until we successfully pass legislation to mandate closed captioning online, just like we have on regular television.

Caption Action 2 can be contacted at either deafness.guide (at) about (dot) com, or rsg0910 (at) yahoo (dot) com.