Tuesday, July 28, 2009

HTML 5 Has No Captioning Provisions?

Just the other day, Robert received an email from another blogger who also blogged about the HR3101 bill: The most pressing Accessibility issue in HTML5 today? <video>

Seems the new HTML 5 standard has a new tag called <video>. According to the article, the <video> tag will not have captioning included. The blogger, John, is aware of HR 3101 and is pushing the World Wide Web consortium, which is developing HTML 5, to get the <video> tag to include captioning. Unfortunately, so far, it will not have captioning. (The rest of the blog post is technical.)

For those who want to read more on HTML 5's video specifications;

HTML 5: video
W3C's HTML 5 video specs
HTML 5 on Wikipedia

There are a few more interesting items at the bottom of the blog, under Read More, related to accessibility and captions.

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  1. for clarification, at this time the specification is still being written. Currently they have not specified how to provide captioning using the new code, however some people are working on the problem. However it's importance appears to be overshadowed at this time by other issues, and it is my hope that captioning once again receives serious attention, so that a solution does not skip by.