Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tweeps Posting on the Act

The following people on Twitter (tweeps) have tweeted about the need to support the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2009 and if they wrote to their Congressional representatives/senators:

  1. AccessInclusion AccessInclusion
  2. bgramer bgramer
  3. Bravebellows Bravebellows
  4. Captionfish Captionfish
  5. catroy catroy
  6. damontimm damontimm
  7. DeafCode DeafCode
  8. deafmom deafmom
  9. DPHHSeattle DPHHSeattle
  10. foundinblank foundinblank wrote!
  11. FriarTech FriarTech
  12. grwebguy grwebguy wrote!
  13. jaredev jaredev wrote!
  14. johnfoliot johnfoliot
  15. kkinnee kkinee
  16. konacrouch konacrouch
  17. lobara lobara
  18. majornista majornista
  19. msdrpepper msdrpepper
  20. NADTweets NADTweets
  21. nikeairj nikeairj
  22. njbnad njbnad
  23. Ray6955 Ray6955
  24. snsandberg snsandberg
  25. TJDavidson7 TJDavidson7
  26. xoxoStephxoxo xoxoStephxoxo
  27. ZenMonkey ZenMonkey

If you tweet about the Act, be sure to put #captions in your tweet so Caption Action 2 can find it and add you to this list. Keep tweeting about the Act, and join Caption Action 2.


  1. Remember that the Act will also require the restoration of the 2002 FCC mandate for audio description on television, so there's DOUBLE the reason to support this bill. @thomlohman on twitter.

  2. I have thought that we need to mention the keywords that encourage us to find what we look for. Because "deaf" it common mistook on someone else that doesn't mean it's for us to read.

    I suggest to use #imdeaf every time you tweet that mean it for deaf.