Friday, September 18, 2009

Milestone Reached: Caption Action 2 at 10,000!

At 12:50 pm today, the 10,000th person joined Caption Action 2 on Facebook. It took just under 3 months to reach this milestone! Caption Action 2 has sent an email to the 10,000th person asking permission to blog about him or her.

Also, we are getting asked about providing a template to send to Representatives. The problem with templates and form letters is that they do not speak from the heart. A template-based letter or form letter is more likely to be ignored by the Congressional office. You do not need a template or form letter to write about the fact you are deaf, and you want HR 3101 to pass because you need closed captions on the Internet.

In addition, if people share their letters, Caption Action 2 reprints the letters anonymously on the blog with the label "Letters." This gives people a feel for what kind of things they could say in their letters. Bottom line, it is best if you write straight from the heart, and say what YOU want to say, and not what a form letter or template tells you to say/do.

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