Sunday, September 6, 2009

COAT: The Best Advocacy Bargain in Town

What is one of the most effective - and least expensive - ways a deaf or hard of hearing organization can help to get HR 3101 passed? Caption Action 2 learned that the answer is to join the Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology (COAT). How much does it cost to join COAT? Free!

The only "price" to join COAT is having to agree to share information from COAT. So organizations of any size, from the smallest deaf or hard of hearing group to national organizations, can join COAT. COAT regularly updates a list of affiliates. To become an affiliate, use the contact form on the COAT website.

In numbers, there is strength. The more deaf, hard of hearing, and blind organizations that join COAT, the stronger a "voice" COAT can have as it works to get HR 3101 to pass!

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  1. There's a website up for captions for the President's talk on education, Tuesday at noon EDT:

    This demonstrates the importance of captions for civic involvement and education for all.