Friday, September 11, 2009

Caption Action 2 Action Alert: Representative Cliff Stearns

Caption Action 2 Action Alert

This is an Action Alert from Caption Action 2.

Caption Action 2 has been told by Representative Ed Markey's office (Markey is the sponsor for HR 3101) that we need to get a Republican co-sponsor. One Republican who expressed interest last year but who did not co-sponsor, is Representative Cliff Stearns (FL). Help Caption Action 2 get Representative Cliff Stearns on board this year!

How can you help us get Stearns to sign on?

1. Stearns has a Facebook page. Become a "fan" of Stearns and then you can post on his wall.
2. Go to Stearns home page on the web.:
Use the "contact" link but you must live in his district to send an email.
3. Send an email to Matt Mandel, the legislative director for telecommunications in Stearns' office, at

By posting and sending messages you will be making Stearns aware that deaf and hard of hearing people are a community that will not be ignored!

Is Stearns Your Representative?

If you live in Florida but are not sure if Stearns is your Representative, check the District page on his website. This page lists all the counties and cities represented by Stearns, whose District is the Sixth District.

If Stearns is Your Representative...

If Stearns is your representative do all you can to make people in your community aware of HR 3101. Send letters to the editor to local and weekly papers, and contact local television stations via their websites. Find local email lists and message boards for your community, join them and post messages. Contact schools in your area and tell them about HR 3101, emphasizing that captioning has educational benefits. Contact all disability related organizations in your area such as independent living centers.

With your help, we may be able to bring Representative Cliff Stearns on board!

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  1. this is a great action alert and the One-Page Summary of HR 3101 really helped me understand how this bill helps lots of disabilities -- deaf people, blind people, and deaf-blind people and others.