Friday, February 5, 2010

New on the Blogroll: Who Cosponsors HR 1646, 3024, and 3101

One of the most effective tools for getting cosponsors for HR 3101 has been to contact the offices of Representatives who already cosponsor other bills for deaf and hard of hearing people. Caption Action 2 has combined all the available information about the cosponsors of all three bills into one handy at-a-glance spreadsheet. One look at this spreadsheet and you will see immediately if your representative already cosponsors other bills for deaf and hard of hearing people. This will make it easier for you to make the argument that if your rep cosponsors those bills, he or she should also cosponsor HR 3101!

The new spreadsheet is Who Cosponsors HR 1646, 3024, and 3101. (HR 1646 is the Hearing Aid Tax Credit. HR 3024 is the Medicare Hearing Health Care Enhancement Act.) Republicans are in bold text. As you can see, the other bills have at least some Republican support, while our bill, HR 3101, has none to date!

If you can't view Excel spreadsheets, here's a free Excel viewer.

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  1. Terrific job! Everyone should check who their reps are on this list and contact them to support 3101...every one makes a big difference!