Thursday, February 11, 2010

MobiTV Does Not Caption Either...

Today Caption Action 2 contacted another mobile digital television company, MobiTV, in an effort to find out where they are on closed captioning. The results were not promising. Three calls were made, first to the customer service department, and then to the public relations department, twice. Finally, an email was sent to the chief technology officer for MobiTV asking questions. No response has been received yet.

Call to Customer Service

Caption Action 2 : does mobi tv have any closed captioning support? remember i said i am deaf. ga
MobiTV : no, there is no closed captioning on any of our stations. GA
Caption Action 2 : do you have any plans to add closed captioning? if you are not able to answer the question, please give me the name and number of someone at mobi tv who can answer the question. ga
MobiTV : uhm well it's not currently supported uh we consistently upgrade and expand our services and may provide it in the future unfortunately, there is no possible release date. please check our press announcements regarding our uhm check our press announcements regarding that uh uh feature at (confirming GA
Caption Action 2 : what cell phones can have mobitv on them? i am thinking of buying an iPhone ga
MobiTV : uhm well uh there's over 400 different devices uh so specifically the iphone's not currently compatible. there is a compatibility list on our website and i can actually give you the website address for that hold on just a second ok i found it it's uh the compatibility list can be found at (confirming spelling). GA
Caption Action 2 : ok thanks. i looked at your press releases and did not see the name of any public relations person at mobi tv who i could talk to to get further clarification of your captioning plans if there are any. ga
MobiTV : currently there may not be. in the future, that's where they you'd be able to find out information on it. GA
Caption Action 2 : i understand but i need to talk to someone in your public relations department. can you give me the name and contact information for someone qga
MobiTV : you could try mobi tv headquarters at mobitv headquarters at 510 438 6624. GA

Call to Public Relations

MobiTV : ok we re always looking for ways to serve our customers but at this time we dont have anything to speak publicly
Caption Action 2 sent an email to chief technology officer Kay Johnannson. No response yet.

Last Call to Public Relations

MobiTV : umm okay uh um currently mobitv does not offer umm closed captioning and while we are looking or always looking for ways to serve our customer base we are not stating anything more publicly and thank you for your call GA

Bottom Line

It is clear from the conversations above, that MobiTV has no intention of trying to provide closed captioning support anytime soon. Caption Action 2 sent a second email to the CTO informing him about HR 3101.

Caption Action 2 was not aware that mobile digital television has evolved to become the cell phone equivalent of cable television.

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  1. Ever worry that telling these corporations about hr3101 will only encourage them to lobby against it?