Monday, February 22, 2010

ABC.Com Makes Serious Committment to Captioning!

Today the word flashed around Twitter: has made a very serious commitment to captioning online! Marlee Matlin's earlier testimony at the FCC hearing led to's (Disney)'s decision! ABC has announced it will caption all their "long form" content online!

ABC has long been a leader in captioning, ever since the days of the captioned ABC news. Now, history repeats itself as takes the lead in internet captioning!

This is major - so major that Caption Action 2 is at a loss for words for once!'s commitment basically says to all the other channels online, "See, we recognize that television online is the same as regular television, and therefore it should be captioned too!" It could also give a strong boost to our efforts to pass HR 3101, because we can show Congress that the will is there, and it just needs to be codified to prod the others into doing it too!

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  1. @MarleeMatlin also tweeted out a challenge to the other networks “My challenge all networks: your shows are broadcast with captions but NOT on the Internet. But ABC IS COMMITED to doing it How about you?”

  2. i can't find the statement on that says they will do this. does anyone have the URL???

  3. Anonymous,

    The news came from the Federal Communication Commission's blog.

  4. OMG! Someone tell the asses at Netflix who believe you can't caption long form content!

  5. no close caption from a leader in captioning service on TV makes no sense