Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Caption Action 2 at 12,000!

Tonight Caption Action 2 reached a total of 12,000 members on Facebook, and we are still growing. However, the clock is really starting to tick now. Take a look at that number to the right; it is less than 400 now. We have just a few weeks before Congress breaks for the Christmas holiday, and they do not return to work until after the New Year. After that, we have only one year, minus weekends and holidays, to get HR 3101 passed. So the pressure is on, folks.

Now that we have reached 12,000 the Caption Action 2 flyer has been updated. Download it from the Blogroll on the right side of this page. Here's an idea; print the flyer and pass it around at the holiday parties you are going to this year. Not everyone is on Facebook, or Twitter, or reads blogs. We need YOUR help to reach those deaf and hard of hearing people and their families who are not aware of HR 3101.

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  1. I need to go off-topic for a bit, but it's also related. News this morning is that Comcast is buying a major stake in NBC Universal.

    Now, NBC Universal is a major provider of closed-captioned content on

    Comcast has, which is NOT closed-captioned.

    If the deal with Comcast and NBC Universal goes through, what happens with NBC Universal on And what happens with

    I'm sure Comcast would put NBC Universal on and NOT provide closed-captioned content. That's my biggest fear about the Comcast - NBC Universal deal...

  2. Congrats on CA2 reaching 12,000! ^^

  3. I think that the comcast buyout will result in a huge step backward for captioned online content without HR3101.

    According to this post about Hulu, there's no hope for a premium subscription based Hulu, and cable TV content will only appear on "TV Everywhere" Which does not have closed captions.

    Currently Hulu is the leader by far with 6% of their content captioned. Now, I too am worried that Comcast won't do anything to improve the lack of captioning online.