Monday, December 7, 2009

Meet Our 12,000th Member!

Recently, Chris became our 12,000th member on the Facebook cause Caption Action 2. We interviewed Chris about his membership:

Q: Why did you join Caption Action 2?

A: I joined because I want to show my support for HR 3101. I was reluctant at first because I dislike Facebook and use it rarely. However seeing the opportunity to be the 12,000th person to sign on made me look past the Facebook factor.

I think its important that we not only make our voices heard but show our numbers as well. In the hearing world people who are deaf are often viewed as "one of them", the kind of people you only see on TV. In my experience we're certainly treated like we don't exist.

I think it's wonderful that 12,000+ people are in support of Caption Action 2, consider how many more people are out there that don't use social networking, are unaware of HR 3101, or simply choose other channels to express their support.

Q: Are you deaf? (Many Caption Action 2 supporters are hearing people)

A: Yes, I'm deaf. My progressive hearing loss was first discovered about 16 years ago, I've been using the "deaf" label for about the last two years.

Q: What does HR 3101 mean to you?

A: HR 3101 will help keep movies and TV available to the hearing or sight impaired. Since the last time we've had legislation like this, laws and regulations have fallen terribly behind the technology. The industry has proven that it will not provide captions or descriptive audio unless forced.

Q: Have you written to your Representative yet?

A: No (Caption Action 2 provided Chris with the link to the Congress contact list, on the blogroll)

Q: Do you have any previous captioning advocacy experience?

A: No, aside from customer service complaints to Disney and Netflix et al. I have no previous activism experience.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: The technology required for HR 3101 exists right now. In fact it has existed for years. Are you aware that movie pirates can see American movies with Romanian subtitles before I can see the same movie with English subtitles?

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