Friday, November 27, 2009

Will HR 3101 Create Jobs?

At a time when unemployment is still high, a potential selling point for HR 3101 when you contact your Representatives is job creation. As already stated before, the Google/YouTube automatic captions are imperfect, unedited captions. The quality is not the same as what you have come to expect when watching television shows. When you watch the news live on television, the captions are produced by a professionally skilled real-time captioner. If HR 3101 passes, it could mean an increase in captioning jobs, for both offline pre-recorded programming and live programming.

So if you point out the potential of HR 3101 to create jobs to your Congressional representatives, that could be the swing factor that pushes some of them towards supporting the bill. We don't know how many jobs could be created. Given that we are talking about the Internet, and some programming may be produced that is exclusive to the Internet, it could be a lot of jobs! Most of the caption-producing jobs will go to hearing people, but perhaps some deaf and hard of hearing people will also find other employment at captioning service providers that have to increase their hiring to meet rising demand.

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  1. Yes! We folks with hearing loss can help, we can advocate for job creation, we need quality captioning. Have you looked at the quality of, e.g. google voice mail at the moment? it's improving, yet not readable.

    Want to hear from CART and captioning professionals for more collaborations also. Email us.
    Lauren (

  2. Are there any opportunities to work as a freelancer in caption industry?