Sunday, December 13, 2009

Michigan Deaf Association Supports HR3101

Please welcome for today, our guest blogger Tamara "Tami" Davidson. Tami writes:

Yesterday I found out that congressman Gary Peters (D-9) who represents Oakland County, Michigan may be asked by his legislative assistant to look into HR 3101 with hopes he may co-sponsor the bill within two weeks.

Because I am not a resident of Oakland County, I contacted a few organizations located in or near that area, asking them to tell the residents of Oakland County to email the office of Rep. Gary Peters and encourage him to look at the bill.

Today, I received an email from Scot A. Pott, President of Michigan Deaf Association, Inc. (statewide organization for, of and by Deaf People.) His reply was:

I am more than happy to send a letter and let them know that MDA is endorsing the bill, HR 3101.

This copy is being sent to MDA Executive Board members.

Scot A Pott
MDA President

The email is cc'ed to other staff members. One of them replied and said in part: "Why should we wait that long? MDA should join to support it, too."

Well, this is kind of unexpected, but [I am] delighted to know that MDA is endorsing the bill HR 3101.


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