Saturday, October 17, 2009

Illinois, Don't Let HR 3101 Blow Away in the Wind

When Bob and Jamie were young students together at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in the early 1980s, Bob was living in a small town in Illinois. Jamie would tease Bob, "You live in Ill-inois!" Who could have predicted that in the future, Bob and Jamie would be together in Washington, DC? Or that they would be leading Caption Action 2 together?

Today, Jamie would not dare make fun of Bob for living in Illinois. After all, that is where President Obama was living before he moved to Washington, DC! Plus, Illinois is home to the popular deaf blogger and staunch Caption Action 2 supporter, Karen Putz of We don't think Obama is considered a constituent of Illinois Representatives anymore, but if you live in Illinois, here are your Representatives in Congress with their staff contact information.

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