Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hold a HR 3101 Party, Get HR 3101 Passed!

Earlier today Jamie posted this on Twitter:

First tweet: I've been asked for ideas to get more people to contact their reps on subcommittee that has HR 3101. Here's an idea for feedback...

Second tweet:
Deaf people love to socialize. about HR 3101 parties?

Third tweet:
At an HR 3101 party speaker educates group on HR 3101. Have food, etc. During parties people write letters to reps online or on paper.

Last tweet:
What do you think? The HR 3101 party would be fun with a quote Highlights for Children.

People whose representatives are on this list should party especially hard! Alcohol optional.

Readers, what do you think? Bob and I would be happy to be guest speakers at an HR 3101 party in the metro Washington, DC area as long as you feed us!

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