Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rep. Andre Carson Becomes Cosponsor 17!

Cosponsor number seventeen just signed on! It's Indiana Representative Andre Carson (D-7).

No Republicans yet. Please do your part if your rep is Republican.


  1. I have written to each member of my delegation to Congress, both Congressmen and Senators, and asked for support for this from Kentucky. Here is a sample of what I wrote.

    I am writing as a constituent of yours, to ask that you please show your support for HR 3101, The Twenty-first Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2009.
    H.R. 3101 would ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to emerging Internet Protocol-based communication and video programming technologies in the 21st Century. As a deaf individual, this is very important to me, and my family. There are NO Republican co-sponsors at this point in time. I am asking you, and the rest of the Kentucky delegation, to please, show your support and sign on as co-sponsors. Show your bi-partisanship. Kentucky is among the national leaders in disabilities per capita, having almost 16% of it's population with some form of disability or another, versus the national average of 10-12%. We have a total hearing-loss population (both deaf and hard of hearing) of app. 649,000 people, MANY of whom are in your district. Please support this legislation.

  2. Excellent letter! Thanks for sharing.

    As a former resident of KY, I can agree that the state has a large disabled population.