Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It Has Been FIVE Years Already!!

Five years. That's how long deaf and hard of hearing people (and family and friends) have been asking Yahoo to update their video player to support closed captioning. Yesterday @yahoocare was asked about updating the Yahoo video player.

Their response did not give us much hope that Yahoo would be updating the video player anytime soon. Here is the Twitter exchange:

How do we know it has been five years? Easy! Yahoo has a website, suggestions.yahoo.com that is searchable. We searched it on the key terms captioning and deaf. Below are the requests that were submitted to Yahoo FIVE years ago:

People are STILL sending Yahoo requests for captioning, as recently as four months ago:

This is why we are pushing the Yahoo petition so hard. We don't have any other way to show Yahoo that we are damn serious about wanting them to update their video player NOW. It has been way too long already. As the evidence above shows, Yahoo has had PLENTY of time to update their video player to support closed captioning!

Pass it on....tinyurl.com/captionYahoo

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