Sunday, November 11, 2012

Caption Action 2: November 2012 Newsletter

This is the Caption Action 2 newsletter for November 2012.

This month's newsletter seems to be all about numbers. So here they are, from small to big:

1. That's you! We need you to push these targets to caption:

Ford, the car maker. Ford has a branded web series, "Escape My Life" which just posted its final episode. See it (or not) at No captions. If you are on twitter you can tweet @fordescape.

We don't get it. Why do companies continue to produce web series without any captions? Don't they understand that deaf and hard of hearing people are consumers too? In fact, we have noticed advertisements for this series around the web. Do they seriously expect us to buy their cars when they are ignoring us?

Machinima and Syfy. They have a hot new web series, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome. (How hot? It was just released Friday, November 9, and already has over 950,000 views for the first episode.) It was actually supposed to be on television, but they released it as a web series instead. See it (or not) at On twitter, tweet @Machinima_com AND @syfy. We have sent tweets to many media sites that reported on this web series to make them aware of the neglect of deaf and hard of hearing.

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