Friday, October 1, 2010

Vampire Mob Begins Captioning!

Today Vampire Mob ( notified us that they were starting to closed caption! The first captioned episode from the first season is up, with more to come.

Caption Action 2 first contacted the producer of Vampire Mob on September 5. At that time, Vampire Mob was using Vimeo for their web series. On September 22, Vampire Mob's producer wrote back that he was the only one on the staff, and that the show was produced on a microbudget. However, a hearing fan would be assisting with closed captioning for their new YouTube channel!

(One of the few G-Rated Screen Shots Available!)
(He's a hitman and a vampire and he just found out his mother in law is moving in for eternity)

Just one week later, on October 1, Vampire Mob wrote again to announce that they had started captioning on YouTube! How did they do it so quickly? Simple! The aforementioned hearing fan listened to the video and compared the spoken dialogue to what was on a text script, then the producer "dropped all the lines into the timecode." The results are excellent; Caption Action 2 watched the video and did not see any errors unlike with unedited automatic captions.

This tiny producer with a shoestring budget has accomplished something that is apparently too difficult for wealthier producers. (Yes, that is sarcasm!) Let's reward Vampire Mob's producer by spreading the word about this entertainment web series being captioned! You can also send your thank-yous to

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