Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help Get The Annoying Orange to Caption!

Today Mashable/Visible Measures came out with their new monthly list of top web series. For the seventh straight month, The Annoying Orange was #1. This is the web series that Caption Action 2 has tried to get to closed caption, but they have not responded at all. Getting the top web series to closed caption is critically important because if we can not get the top web series to caption, it makes it that much harder to convince less popular web series to closed caption. As they say, leadership has to start at the top.

Photo from Guest Appearance on Other Web Series

So tonight, Caption Action 2 launched a new Facebook group: Dane Boedigheimer Should Caption The Annoying Orange! ( Our hope is that enough people, both hearing and deaf, will join and/or send emails to the producer to help make an impact on the producer of The Annoying Orange. This new Facebook group is considered a temporary group; we will take it down when the producer of The Annoying Orange commits to closed captioning with quality closed captions.

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  1. I may have to finally get on facebook just for this campaign.

  2. I've actually been captioning the Annoying Orange's recent videos on my dotSUB account here:

    Perhaps you could try to contact the video's creator again and see if I could do the captioning for him. You can send his the link above too. (My YouTube username is SpongeSebastian, BTW)

  3. Hey guys, great news! I got in touch with daneboe and he has agreed to let me email him the caption files I make for The Annoying Orange. So far, he has uploaded one:

    I'll try to get every episode captioned soon!

  4. Another episode is captioned:

  5. It certainly appealed to the child in me. First time I came across it, it felt like a breath of fresh air on youtube and the internet as a whole too. I had great pleasure in writing about the Annoying Orange. Love it soooooooo much! Thanks Daneboe ;)