Monday, July 26, 2010

HR 3101 Will Pass - Next Stop: Senate!

In a voice vote earlier today, the House passes HR 3101 and is expected to pass it tonight.

Amy Cohen Efron posted about it, HR3101 PASSED UNANIMOUSLY!, on her blog.

Next stop is the Senate.

What does this mean for Caption Action 2 when the Senate passes the bill also? Simply put, our job is done. The blog and the Facebook group will be closed.

Great job, everyone!


It passes!

348 to 23!

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  1. w00t! We did it! Congrats to all. :D

  2. This is great news and obviously a huge step in the right direction! It took many years for the FCC to mandate captions for broadcast television, and in hindsight it was a no-brainer. H.R.3101 is a necessary extension for online media. There are some interesting companies popping up that have begun to address compliance in innovative ways. For example, 3Play Media ( uses a new technology that reduces the cost of high quality transcription and captioning services for web video.