Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Representative Howard Coble Is Not Signing On

Today Caption Action 2 discovered that Representative Howard Coble (R-NC) had signed on to HR 1646, the Hearing Aid Tax Credit. A call was made to his office to ask that he also sign on to HR 3101. The result was a disappointing email, which honestly stated why Coble would not be signing on to HR 3101 at this time.

John Mautz in Coble's office wrote:

"He said that he'd rather not sponsor - it's substantive and he'd rather wait for the committee of jurisdiction to approve it for consideration by the House. "

It was just one sentence. The part about waiting for the Subcommittee to move the bill is no surprise, but the part about "substantive" is new. Substantive means that Coble feels the bill is packed with too much for his office to be able to evaluate at this time.

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  1. HR 3101's 44 pages may be substantive but Boucher sure has had time to read it and move it!

  2. What is Coble asking for? Someone to summarize the bill for him in nursery school language?

    Sarcasm aside, perhaps this is what Republican legislators need. A white paper in plain, easy-to-skim language that details advantages for deaf/HH people and especially the cost-effectiveness of the bill itself.

    Those who have communication industry donors on their election committees need to hear how costs are balanced by benefits such as in the Caption Decoder act.