Monday, March 15, 2010

Republican Zach Wamp Will Not Cosponsor HR 3101

Today Caption Action 2 got an email from John Frierson, a senior legislative assistant in Representative Zach Wamp (R-Tennessee)'s office. What Frierson had to say, made it apparent that Wamp will not be cosponsoring HR 3101 anytime soon. Frierson did not actually use the words "he will not cosponsor," but Caption Action 2 knows from experience that the language he used is typical Capitol Hill-speak for "fuggedaboutit." Frierson wrote;
We will continue to review the legislation and any changes that are made as bill moves through Congress. I will be sure to follow up with you with any further updates.

Again, it was a pleasure speaking with you, and Mr. Wamp and I are sympathetic to your issue He will keep your views in mind should the bill come up for a vote. I’m glad to see that some in the market place are including the additional resources in their broadcasts and videos that you seek and hope to see this move by companies continue.
When a Representative's office uses the words "will keep your views in mind if the bill comes up for vote" that means the Representative is not going to sign on. So if anyone from Tennessee's third district contacts Wamp's office, that is the kind of response they are going to get! Is there ANY Republican out there who cares enough about the deaf and hard of hearing and blind to sign on to HR 3101 without waiting for the bill to make it out of committee, which it won't if Rick Boucher and Henry Waxman don't move the bill??

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