Monday, January 9, 2017

Markiplier...Your Name is Mud!

Is there no end to the caption vandalism problem?? It hasn't gotten better, it has gotten worse. To the point that more and more people - deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing - are complaining publicly. We do not watch the YouTuber Markiplier; it was brought to our attention in the Caption Action 2 group that his channel has a huge problem with vandalized captions.

A high-response comment thread was posted under that video, from January 5, 2017.

Here is a partial screenshot of what you will see:

Another, shorter comment thread had 11 replies:

In addition to the above, multiple individuals posted separate comments. Screenshots below of those comments, which speak for themselves. In response to the complaints, some fans corrected the captions so if you try to watch the video now, you probably won't see the vandalized captions. But the point is, the vandalized captions should never have been there in the first place!




 WHAT can we do to force Markiplier, who has 16 million subscribers and whose attention may be impossible to get, to do the right thing? The right thing means selecting from the following acceptable options - and ONLY these acceptable options:
1. Use the "trusted fan" method if staying with fan captioning. Make new videos unlisted and allow only trusted fans to caption them prior to release.
2. Pay for professional captioning.
3. Learn to do the captioning himself.

It is 2017 now. The deaf and hard of hearing who depend on having accurate, uncluttered closed captions to clearly understand a video do not deserve to be treated like this! What can be done? Our community is too small to have much hope of getting attention from Markiplier with mere tweets and complaints on his channel. In fact, Markiplier steadfastly IGNORES the complaints because he knows many hearing fans enjoy the vandalized captions. 

Here are examples of uncaring hearing people's comments about how much they enjoy the vandalized captions. At least one person had the nerve to suggest that people with hearing loss use the automatic captions instead!

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