Wednesday, October 21, 2015

YouTube Going Red! You'll Get Red-Faced!

Caption Action 2 has just discovered that YouTube has announced a new paid subscription service called YouTube Red that starts October 28! Will captioning be required on this service? Unfortunately, there's no mention of this. There IS mention of PewDiePie, Lily Singh, and others, all of whom do not caption, and who have ignored all efforts by captioning advocates to get them to caption their videos.

YouTube Red will have some of the same content from free YouTube, but ad-free and downloadable. However, and this is why this is urgent, YouTube Red will ALSO have original, exclusive content just for YouTube Red! This includes content from YouTube creators who already are NOT captioning on free YouTube, like PewDiePie! This has us seeing red...

Services like YouTube Red that do not mandate closed captioning of all content, throw us back into the past before we got the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which mandated closed captioning on television! Back then, deaf people were paying full price for cable TV and not getting equal value because of no mandatory captioning on television. YouTube Red is just another form of cable!

So, tell YouTube in no uncertain terms (foul language encouraged if necessary) that you will not pay a single red cent for YouTube Red UNLESS they make captioning mandatory! YouTube is doing this to make money, so by refusing to subscribe to YouTube Red you will be sending a very loud, and very red-lined, message with your denied dollars!

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Are you feeling the redness, too?

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