Saturday, January 3, 2015

Vote: Does Buzzfeed Video Belong on Captioned Web TV?

Token captioning? Intermittent captioning? Rare captioning? Selective captioning? Occasional captioning? Minimal captioning? We don't know what to call it when a popular YouTube channel like Buzzfeed Video captions only a few videos, and they are far between. Caption Action 2 posted this series of tweets on Twitter and we would like for those of you not on social media to vote by posting a comment on this blog post. If you are on Twitter, send your vote to @captionaction2.  If you are on Facebook and a member of the Caption Action 2 group, you can post a comment on the posting there.

Update 1/4: So far there have been three votes, all on Facebook, and all three say NO to putting Buzzfeed Video on Captioned Web TV.

Tweets About Buzzfeed Video

1. A couple of days ago, I tweeted about a popular channel we refuse to add because of the size of the gap between CC videos. That channel is..
2. ...Buzzfeed Video. Can't even take a screenshot to communicate the gap, it is that big. Last one with CC: 12/18/2014! 0 since.
3. See for yourself here: … (you will have to click "load more" to get down to the last CC one). this isn't fair.
4. When ppl check out a show listed on CWT, there should be at least a 50% chance the current videos will be CC. Ppl should not have to hunt.
5. Don't know if Buzzfeed Video is taking an "after" approach to CC instead of a "before" approach. Would have to check their videos daily.
6. But with the sheer size of the gap, it sure looks to us like an "after" approach, with selective captioning of videos.
7. Vote: Does Buzzfeed Video belong on Captioned Web TV, although with a huge warning note to expect to be disappointed?

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