Sunday, June 8, 2014

Update! Fake Captioning Has Not Stopped!

Update on The Young Turks' fake captioning! We thought they had stopped, because we didn't see any more after "Flash Grenade Explodes in Infant's Face/Drug War's Latest Victim," which was posted 5/30/2014, which was the same day as our blog post "Watch Out for Fake Captioning!"

Then, they apparently went back and fake-captioned already-posted videos, starting with "Obama Administration Sets New EPA Rules," which was posted 6/2/2014. Fake captioning has continued, with the latest one (as of this blog update) being posted 6/5/2014.

So that's their pattern. No fake captions for awhile, then go back and do the fake captioning. It seems they have no intention of stopping! As a reader of this blog pointed out, their attitude seems to be that the autocaptions are "good enough" and uploading those autocaptions as fake captions gets them the CC icon when it is not deserved!!

The source for these images and links is

What can we do? We are being ignored by these producers (tweeting, posting on facebook has been ignored), who pump out news videos and totally disregard the need of deaf and hard of hearing people for REAL captions. Fake captions are worse than no captions at all because fake captions fool people (deaf, hard of hearing, and others) because of the presence of the illegal CC icon!

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