Saturday, May 24, 2014

Captioned Web TV Now on Facebook!

Caption Action 2 now has a new group on Facebook called Captioned Web TV, at!

Everything we've posted to the Captioned Web TV blog at has also been posted to the Captioned Web TV facebook page. Selected web TV shows will be highlighted via posts pinned to the top. Current advocacy issues in web TV captioning will also be posted there. People are encouraged to post requests for captions on web TV shows, and we will try to get them captioned.

We created this new Facebook page to give the deaf and hard of hearing community another way to access information on captioned or subtitled web tv programs.  Another purpose of the page is to demonstrate how much demand there is for captions on web television, through the number of "likes" on the Facebook page. If you post requests for captioning, that too shows demand!

Finally, adopting the Captioned Web TV identity makes it easier to network within the web TV industry and influence producers to caption. We have already put the word about Captioned Web TV out in the web TV industry, especially through the many web series festivals internationally. It is impossible for us to find all the captioned web TV shows out there, and we are inviting producers to post on our page to make people aware that their programs are captioned.

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