Friday, March 29, 2013

Captioned Veronica Mars Kickstarter Pitch Video

After weeks of tweeting and asking, a volunteer stepped forward and captioned / subtitled the Veronica Mars pitch video. This video can be seen on the volunteer's YouTube page at . Below are "before" and "after" screenshots showing autocaptioning versus the captioned version.

It was the first time the volunteer had ever done this, and it took her fifteen tries before success. So the captions aren't perfect, but they make the video understandable. The timing of the before/after screenshots don't match exactly, but it is obvious what a difference edited captions make.  Click on the small pictures to see the bigger pictures.

Direct link to Veronica Mars Kickstarter Project (14 days left):

Autocaption: you're eased

Edited: Ryan (Ryan laughing)
No way! (Kristen enters)
(cartoon type music continues
to play in the background)

Autocaption: parayam general primitive hotline
will weaken the extremist

Edited: Kristen: This is how
we're starting our day now?
Jason: You know, as a rule?
I like to start every day with a
hot blonde waiting for me
in the parking lot.
Kristen: No reenactments.

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