Friday, July 8, 2011

All My Children and One Life to Live Move to Internet

The soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live have been cancelled on regular television, but fan demand has resulted in the licensing of the shows to the company Prospect Park.

Prospect Park will be continuing the shows online, but it is not definite that the same actors will participate. The question is, now that AMC and OLTL are becoming web series, will they be closed captioned online?

You can make sure they are online by contacting Prospect Park on Twitter at @prospectpk

The Internet has increasingly been taking over the soap opera genre. There are several web-exclusive soap operas. Caption Action 2 doesn't know of any closed captioned internet soap operas at this time.

Here is what Marlee Matlin tweeted: All My Children fans have tweeted asking me to use my clout to help insure it's captioned when it moves to web. Happy to make noise for you!

But the time is very short! E! reports that AMC ends its regular TV run in September! The deaf community has less than 2 months to convince Prospect Park to closed caption online.

According to the Internet Movie Database, One Life To Live started in 1968, All My Children in 1970.


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