Saturday, January 22, 2011

We've Got To Get Through to Major Networks!

A popular trend now is for major networks to have companion web series for their popular shows. The regular show is closed captioned online, but not the companion web series! Under the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, we have NO LEGAL WAY to force the captioning of the companion web series.

This week, NBC launched its companion web series for The Office, "Podcast." Caption Action 2 double-checked the regular series (captioned) and the web series (not captioned). Why is it that the producers will invest in captioning for the regular series, but not the web series? Are deaf and hard of hearing consumers THAT unimportant to them?

Also, just weeks ago, ABC introduced its own companion web series for their show Cougar Town, "Andy's Dreams." There was heavy promotion for ABC's new web series. In fact, the home page has a promotion under Featured. Again, the regular show has captions while the web series does not!

The most frustrating thing about this is that the networks routinely caption their regular programs - but not the shorter web series! Yet web series are growing in importance and popularity. We can't let deaf and hard of hearing viewers be left out and forgotten! We've got to get through to the major networks on web series captions, or we won't have much hope of convincing smaller online channels to caption their web series. The example must be set by the major networks!

COMPLAIN to ABC and NBC! If enough of us complain, they will get the message that they can't just simply ignore us as viewers! How to complain:

On NBC, go to and select the show from the pulldown list.
On ABC, go to and select the show.

Can CBS be far behind with their own show companion web series? Probably not, considering how much publicity ABC and NBC are getting from their own companion web series.

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  1. CBS's Surivor "Ponderosa" is not captioned. (interviews & adventures of jury members in their other camp area)