Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is Your Cable Company Preventing Our Success?

Is your cable company resisting HR 3101 and S 3304? Maybe, if what Caption Action 2 was told by Senator Bill Nelson's office is any indication! When CA 2 told Nelson's office (Clint Odom) that we are seeking cosponsors for S 3304, the Equal Access to 21st Century Communications Act, this was the response:

Odom: I think Sen. Nelson would like to support a consensus bill like the one that was worked out in the House. I understand there are still some very important stakeholders who have not yet come to the table.

I think everyone wants to see this bill enacted.

CA 2: Do you know who these stakeholders are that have not yet come to the table? I don't mean general stakeholders like "television industry" or"cell phone manufacturers," but more specific like "CBS TV" or "XYZ Phone."

Odom: For instance, where has Comcast, Time Warner, and Charter Communications been in the process?

This is the first time Caption Action 2 has gotten specific names. Up until now, it has only been the industry organizations, as in this COAT report on meeting with industry representatives. What does this mean? Was Odom just throwing out names, or was he implying that Comcast, Time Warner, and Charter Communications actually are resisting HR 3101 and S 3304?

We don't know. But if we were to find out that our own cable service was hampering the passage of HR 3101/S 3304, we would be quite upset to say the least. Industry associations like the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) are one thing, it is another when it is your own cable company!

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  1. just ask them if they will do video description for the blind and these companies will run screaming into the woods that it costs too much, that it's too expensive, it's not technically feasible, blah blah. Ask them to make user controls and set top boxes accessible. You'll get the same answers. So, it doesn't matter what the issue, most of 'em DoNT care about disability accessibility enough TO do anything about it! Least of all, support legisaltion!