Friday, April 9, 2010

Not Receiving CA2 Bulletins On Facebook? Here's a Fix

Have you received the April bulletin in the Caption Action 2 Facebook Cause group? If not, follow these instructions. If so, pass it on to someone who has not but is on the group.

Facebook's Causes Support has said that members need to make their emails available to them.

Here are two ways to check - first click on Account in the blue Facebook bar on the right.

Under Account settings;
- under the Settings tab, in Email, do you have a valid email address listed?
- under the Notifications tab, in Other Applications, is Causes checked?

Back to Account in the blue bar, then Application Settings;
- In Causes, click on Edit Permissions. On the Additional Permissions tab, is "Send Me Emails" checked?

Update: Jamie Berke found another way...
- Uncheck "Send Me emails,"
- Then click OK. Reopen Edit Settings. "Send Me Emails" has disappeared.
- Close the Edit Settings box
- Go into Causes. There will be a blue box saying "Give your email address to Causes?"
- Click "Yes, share my email." The blue box will disappear.
- Go back to Account in the blue Facebook bar on the upper right corner of the screen, then Application Settings.
- Click on Edit Settings next to Causes.

In the Additional Permissions tab, "Send Me Emails" has now become "Access My email address."

Do NOT uncheck it. The blue "Give your email address to Causes?" box will return.

Pass this on to everyone who has not received their Cause bulletins. This will make sure that they will be received.

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